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Cousin Island Special Reserve, Seychelles
A little gem of nature

By Lorenzo Rosatto

When you hear the word “Seychelles”, what probably comes to mind are five-star hotels, whitesandy beaches, crystal-clear water and cocktails on a boat. The conventional holiday; what regular tourists do. But let me tell you there’s something different. Actually there’s a lot more.

On Cousin Island, for instance, you’ll find a little gem of nature, still untouched. Here tortoises roam without any restrictions. Birds approach you as they don’t fear your presence. Turtles come and nest on the beaches in a ritual passed down generation after generations.

Long story short, Cousin Island is a special reserve (it really is actually). Its entire environment is constantly monitored and studied. There’s a lot of effort put into preserving that unique place and probably the most intriguing thing here is not by chance, the Conservation Boot Camp. It’s literally like opening a window and peeking into this little paradise. It’s the opportunity to get to know the place from the inside.

The species of animals are manifold and their interaction with the surrounding environment is part of a delicate balance. Throughout this program you will learn all the secrets of Cousin. The coordinators of this program are incredibly passionate about their job and about nature at large. Under their guidance everyone will get to know and appreciate Seychelles in every detail. Both Yan and Claire in fact are the key for a deep connection with Cousin’s nature. And when I say deep I mean deep…so prepare to walk barefoot every day.

For those also interested in photography Cousin Island is a magical spot. First of all this place offers countless opportunities to hone your wildlife photography skills…when you see so many animals getting close to your lens it’s difficult to miss the shot!

Also landscapes can be an incredible subject and do you remember all those countless suggestions on the blue hours? Well they apply here as well, of course they do, but the colors you get with the direct sun light are just mind-blowing. With the sun, the forest is so green, the beaches are so white and the sea so blue!

Basically you’ll need to carry your camera the whole day. And don’t even try to go to bed early…the Milky Way here cuts the sky in two as I’ve never seen anywhere else! So what are you waiting for? Just pack your stuff and get ready for an epic trip!