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Cousin Island Special Reserve, Seychelles

Land birds

While on the island, visitors have the opportunity to see a number of forest-dwelling birds, many of which are endemic and very rare. 5 of Seychelles Endemic bird species are found on the Island. They include the Seychelles magpie robin Copsychus seychellarum, Seychelles sunbird Nectarinia dussumieri, Seychelles fody Foudia seychellarum, Seychelles blue pigeon Alectroenas pulcherrima and the Seychelles warbler Acrocephalus sechellensis.

seychelles magpie robin

Seychelles magpie-robin / Pi santez / Copsychus sechellarum

This charismatic bird is found on Cousin and four other islands. The island has a population of around 50. It feeds predominantly on small soil invertebrates mostly cockroaches as well as fruit, fish dropped by tree-nesting terns , vertebrates, including skinks and geckos, eggs and human food scraps.

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seychelles Warbler

Seychelles warbler / Timerl dezil / Acrocephalus sechellensis

The combined efforts of conservation and scientific research took this songbird from near extinction on 1 island to thriving on 5. There are over 320 birds on Cousin. The total world population of the bird is 3000. Like other warblers, these birds feed on insects. They are territorial. Grown chicks often stay with their parents to help raise subsequent broods.

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seychelles SUNBIRD

Seychelles sunbird / Kolibri / Cinnyris dussumieri

This noisy little bird is found on most Seychelles islands. It feeds on nectar and insects. The male has an iridescent throat and, if observed carefully, can be seen to have orange/yellow tufts under the wings which are displayed during courtship or when defending its territory. They build a delicate hanging nest from grasses, Casuarina needles and other fibres.

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seychelles fody

Seychelles fody / Tok-tok / Foudia sechellarum

This cheeky sparrow-like bird is only found on islands free from tree-climbing rats. On Cousin, we have 500-600 pairs. They feed on insects, fruits and seeds, and will also feast on unprotected seabird eggs if given the opportunity. They are larger than the Madagascar fody, which is found on other granitic islands, and the males have a patch of yellow on the forehead and throat.

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seychelles blue pigeon

Seychelles blue pigeon / Pizon olande / Alectroenas pulcherrima

Several pairs of this lovely bird have been recorded nesting on the island. They feed on the fruits of the Banyan, Takamaka, Vouloutye and others. It is usually seen high up in the trees. They are really beautiful birds and in good light, their plumage with three different colours is clearly visible.

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barred ground dove

Barred ground dove / Tortrel koko / Geopelia striata

Also called the Zebra dove. As with many other common birds in Seychelles, this one is not endemic, but a native of Malaysia, probably introduced to Seychelles via Mauritius. Found mainly on the beach crest, they feed on fallen seeds of grasses, Casuarina trees, and other plants.

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Malagasy Turtle Dove

Malagasy turtle dove / Tourtrel dezil / Stretopelia picturata

Seychelles endemic sub-species of turtle dove was lost to hybridization with this variety from Madagascar. Some individuals on Cousin bear resemblance to the original Seychelles race. They feed mainly on seeds and fruits.

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Moorhen / Pouldo / Gallinula chloropus

Despite their seemingly awkward flight, Moorhens have managed to colonise a large number of islands throughout the world. There is a resident population on Cousin, members of which can best be seen near the swamp but also throughout the plateau, in search of insects, fruits and small lizards.

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