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Cousin Island Special Reserve, Seychelles

Conservation Boot Camp


Owing to the coronavirus threat, the CBC is postponed until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. We will keep you updated on changes.

Please see this link – Department of Health Seychelles – for Travel and Health Advisory updates on COVID-19 in Seychelles

Take part in our unique and exclusive immersive program into conservation

Conservation has become an increasingly popular career choice for young people. But many conservation organizations complain that young graduates don’t have the right attitude or the real-word skills to work in field-based conservation. So if you want to break into conservation where do you go to get this much coveted experience? There are not many places where you can get exposed quickly to the range of both hard and soft skills needed.

This is why Nature Seychelles has created the Conservation Boot Camp on Cousin Island Special Reserve. The island has been a protected area for almost 50 years and is considered as one of the world’s great conservation success stories. Cousin is “good news conservation”.


Be part of an exclusive program

The Conservation Boot Camp takes place the whole year with a maximum of only 6 persons per session. Each session lasts for 4 weeks. You will take part in some of the successful long term work and pick up a “fistful of skills” which, depending on the time of the year, include monitoring of endemic land birds, sea turtles, seabirds, and vegetation, ecotourism guiding, invasive species control, and island maintenance. The method is Learning-by-Doing. In-field training will be given for sensitive work such as seabird and turtle monitoring. Successful conservationists have absorbed difficult-to-explain skills though tacit learning and you will also pick up these softer skills and social intelligence through immersion in the daily activities. You will be awarded a Certificate of Completion at the end of your stay. If you contribute an article / blog it will be featured in our Conservation Boot Camp magazine and might be submitted for publication in the local press and partner publications.

Welcome to the real world of conservation

Part of conservation experience is being exposed to living in the field. You will live in the Cousin Island field centre, a basic field accommodation. Rooms are shared and there is a common kitchen. There is no hot water nor flush toilets on the island. The island can be hot and humid and being a Special Reserve no pesticides are allowed so at certain times of the year there will be mosquitoes. The Seychellois Wardens who manage this Reserve live on the island next to the Field Station. There will be daily interactions with this group of young Seychellois who can share their experiences and culture with you. Transport to and from Cousin is by small boat and scheduled boat trips to Praslin island are made for shopping.

Cost: 1000 euros for a four-week period. Please note that your booking is only confirmed once payment has been made. Once payment is made it is 50% refundable for cancellation before the 3 weeks preceding arrival and 0% refundable for cancellation beyond the 3 weeks preceding arrival.


In 2018, Nature Seychelles celebrated 20 years since the organisation was formed and 50 years of Cousin Island being a nature reserve protected by law. To celebrate our milestones, Nature Seychelles is offering a 25% discount on the registration fees for the Conservation Boot Camp program to participants who are African citizens under the African Heritage package. Additionally, staff of other BirdLife International Partners outside of Africa will receive the same discount. READ MORE