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Cousin Island Special Reserve, Seychelles
Spectacular Cousin

After a long trip on the plane and boat, I arrived on Cousin Island to a warm welcome. I was very impressed by the great number of birds on this island.

When you enter the forest, you can see noddy’s nesting on every branch of every tree and if you don’t make noise you can hear the song of this bird. It’s really spectacular.

Currently all the noddy’s have eggs and we are waiting anxiously for the first chicks to hatch. Part of my job is to monitor the breeding success of the noddy’s. In the evening, if the sky isn’t too cloudy you can see the fruit bats who fly to Cousin from over the sea.

The weather has been stormy but it doesn’t prevent us from discovering nice things and having a good time. After having seeing my first giant tortoise baby, yesterday we discovered a giant tortoise nest, it was very impressive. I took a picture of it.

My first week as a volunteer on Cousin has been great and I’m looking forward to the rest of my stay.

Landrin Margaux