When to visit

when to visit

Seychelles is blessed with a warm climate year round and rarely receives extreme weather as it lies outside of the cyclone belt found further north and south of the archipelago. Temperatures rarely drop below 24°C or above 32°C so you can expect warm days and evenings throughout the year.

The climate can be roughly broken into two fairly distinct seasons. From October until March, the Northwest monsoon sees higher humidity and more rainfall, peaking in January with an average of 18 days with 1mm of rain or more. From late April until October, the Southeast tradewinds bring much drier weather to the region with increased winds, which can make sea conditions quite rough, especially in August when winds of up to 37kph can be encountered. Cousin Island has the benefit of landing visitors to the island on two different beaches according to the season and sea conditions. On rare occasions, the management of the island reserves the right to close the island to visitors should there be any risk of injury or harm due to poor weather or rough seas.