Your responsibilities

Your resposnibility

A high quality tourism experience depends on the conservation of our environment, and respecting both international and local practices and regulations. We have developed and adopted a Code of Ethics to achieve these objectives. This code involves requirement both from you the visitor and from us the management of Cousin Island Special Reserve.

For you the visitor

Please follow the instructions given by the island wardens:

  • Follow guidelines for photography. Commercial photographers should pay required fees. The following should not be used: large equipment which could slow down your group, could get damaged or hurt someone; bright flashes or tripods that disturb the animals
  • Do not smoke or light fires or use hazardous chemicals
  • Do not litter – if you bring it with you, take it with you
  • Do not take any natural materials or products
  • Please ensure that you have personal insurance to cover for any accident, loss or damage
  • Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear and protect yourself with sunscreen and personal mosquito repellent
  • Following the above will help you to enjoy our natural heritage and help us to preserve it!

Disclaimer: Nature Seychelles disclaims all responsibility for any losses or material physical damage to visitors whilst in the reserve or on board the reserve shuttle boat