Cousin Quick facts

Cousin island quick facts

  • Cousin Island receives about 10,000 visitors a year. Visitor fees and donations obtained sustain the management of the reserve as well as research, conservation and education projects both on and off the reserve.
  • The Island won the British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow Highly Commended Award in 2003 and the Conde Nast Traveler magazine Ecotourism (Destination) Award for 2004.
  • No accommodation or restaurant facilities are available on the island in order to minimise waste production; bins are not provided to encourage visitors to take their rubbish off the island.
  • Visitors may not have picnics or collect shells or souvenirs from the beaches or the trails. Flush toilets are not used on the island in order to save water and to prevent huge volumes of wastewater from accumulating in the ground.
  • Only Cousin Island boats are allowed to land on its shores to prevent the accidental introduction of pests onto the Reserve.
  • A 2005 IUCN/UNEP management effectiveness appraisal of the Island rated the island highly, ranking it among the top Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Western Indian Ocean. See

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